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Kotlin 中的接口 Interface : so much better

Kotlin 中的接口 Interface : so much better Interface was introduced in Java as a new programming feature. Hence those class implements an interface, need to have all it’s function implemented. interface Movable { val legsCount: Int fun canWalk() = legsCount 1 } open class FourLegged : Movable { override val legsCount = 4 } class Horse : FourLegged() class Dog : FourLegged() But this violates the Composition over Inheritance principle.

今天Kotlin 1.3正式发布:支持协程和多平台组件

今天Kotlin 1.3正式发布:支持协程和多平台组件 image 今天,Kotlin 官方博客正式发布了 Kotlin 1.3,还附带了一些开源库、构建工具和学习资源。 在这次更新中,协程(Coroutines)特性已经稳定,它使得非阻塞代码易于读写,Kotlin 1.3 还带来了 Kotlin / Native Beta,它可将 Kotlin 代码直接编译为本机二进制文件,此外,Kotlin 的跨平台功能将为 Android 和 iOS 应用程序等组件之间共享业务逻

Rise of Kotlin: The Programming Language for the N

Rise of Kotlin: The Programming Language for the N Rise of Kotlin: The Programming Language for the Next Generation https://hackernoon.com/rise-of-kotlin-the-programming-language-for-the-next-generation-27beeb529204 Please welcome our weekly sponsor Pusher to Hacker Noon! You surveyed 2,744 people from January to March 2018 to take the pulse of the ecosystem. What results defied your assumptions? Ha, I love that song!

Linux 下安装 Docker

Linux 下安装 Docker Docker 安装 Docker 非常简单。任何一门编程语言,我们都是从 Hello World 开始,这里,我们的首要目标就是先把 Docker 跑起来。下面以 Ubuntu 为例看看我们是如何把 Docker 跑起来的。 安装 Ubuntu 下安装 Docker 执行: sudo apt-get install docker.io 安装后,执行 docker version 查看版本: Client: Version: 18.06.1-ce API version: 1.38 Go version: go1.10.4 Git commit: e68fc7a Built: Wed Sep 26 01:43:33 2018 OS

“脚踢各大Python Web框架”,Sanic真有这能耐么?

“脚踢各大Python Web框架”,Sanic真有这能耐么? 哈呀! 在Github上,Sanic第一句介绍语就是: “Sanic is a Flask-like Python 3.5+ web server that's written to go fast. ” 到底有多Fast?有人给出这样一组对比测试结果: · 这个测试结果可不可信不好说,但根据很多人的评价,Sanic在性能上确实比较强劲。尽管Sanic 被称作Flask-like,其中的坑还是很多的。性能强劲这一点非常诱人,不过性能强劲


String freeStr = Utility.byte2XB((free 20)); b) 修复后代码 totalStr和freeStr定义为类对象 totalStr = Utility.byte2XB((total 20)); tvRouterStorage.post(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { tvRouterStorage.setText(getString(R.string.router_download_store, totalStr, freeStr));


Zend引擎 简介 The Zend Engine is the open source scripting engine that interprets the PHP programming language. Zend引擎是开源的解释php语言的脚本引擎。 Zend有两部分组成,即编译器和执行器。编译器负责将PHP代码编译为抽象语法树,然后进一步编译为可执行的opcodes,这个过程相当于GCC的工作,编译器是一个语言实现的基础;执行器负责执行编译器输出的Opcodes,也就是执行PHP脚本中编写的代码逻辑

Do You Really Need @DirtiesContext?

Do You Really Need @DirtiesContext? 为什么加 @DirtiesContext 就修好,有没有什么副作用? @DirtiesContext is a spring test annotation which is used to indicate that the application context cached should be removed and reloaded after each test run. The application context removed will also be closed. 如上面所述,@DirtiesContext 会导致application context不被缓存,也就是说,有可能会对测试运行的速度有影响。官方文档

2018-09-04 config文件中添加define 常量

'/auth'); } return [ 'NMG_PLUS_SERVER_HOST' = env('NMGONE_SITE'), 'NMG_ID' = env('NMGONE_CLIENT_ID'), 'NMG_SECRET' = env('NMGONE_CLIENT_SECRET'), 'NMG_OAUTH2_SIGNUP_URL'= env('NMGONE_SITE') . '/signup', 'NMG_URI' = env('APP_URL') . 'login/nmgCallBack', 'DES_KEY' = 'nmg2018', 'NMGONE_API' = env('NMGONE_SITE') . define 不能直接调用env(),因为它是后执行的,cache中是无法调用到env的。所以要用config()来读取。

puppeteer recorder使用说明

puppeteer recorder使用说明 项目地址:https://github.com/checkly/puppeteer-recorder 官网插件描述: Chrome extension for recording browser interaction and generating Puppeteer scripts Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script. This extension has the following features: Record clicks, input events etc. Pause the recording when navigating. Monitor recorded events. Tweak the settings of the generated code.

dayjs 分享

dayjs 分享 Dayjs 分享内容 框架结构 涉及技术 部分代码解读 总结 概述 Day.js 是一个轻量的处理时间和日期的 JavaScript 库,和 Moment.js 的 API 设计保持完全一样. return { input: { input, external: ['dayjs'], // 外部文件,不进行打包 plugins: [ babel({ exclude: 'node_modules/**' }), uglify() ] }, output: { file: fileName, format: 'umd', // 采用umd规范 name: name || 'dayjs', // 重命名全局命名 globals: { dayjs: 'dayjs' } } };

(MAC) Apache You don't have permission to access /

(MAC) Apache You don't have permission to access / Apache httpd.conf 我在默认权限上面修改了下路径,其他都没改动: AllowOverride none Require all denied DocumentRoot "/Users/xxx/Desktop/Project/PhpStorm" # # Possible values for the Options directive are "None", "All"

HashiCorp Consul + Kubernetes深度融合

HashiCorp Consul + Kubernetes深度融合 SEP 05 2018 MITCHELL HASHIMOTO We're excited to announce multiple features that deeply integrate HashiCorp Consul with Kubernetes. The features include an official Helm Chart for installing Consul on Kubernetes, automatic syncing of Kubernetes services with Consul (and vice versa), auto-join for external Consul agents to join a cluster in Kubernetes, injectors so pods are automatically secured with Connect, and support for Envoy.

微软出品HashiCorp Terraform 和 Vault 系列视频

微软出品HashiCorp Terraform 和 Vault 系列视频 SEP 11 2018 BURZIN PATEL Since announcing a multi-year collaboration with HashiCorp, Microsoft has taken strides to ensure that HashiCorp tools operate as a first class citizen on Azure’s public cloud offering. Through the work of dedicated engineers from both Microsoft and HashiCorp

tensorflow报错:InvalidArgumentError: Assign requires

lhs shape= [12] rhs shape= [6] [[Node: save/Assign = Assign[T=DT_FLOAT, _class=["loc:@final_fc_bias"], use_locking=true, validate_shape=true, _device="/job:localhost/replica:0/task:0/device:GPU:0"](final_fc_bias, save/RestoreV2/_1)]] (tensorflow) ubuntu@VM-0-13-ubuntu:~/tf3$ 具体描述一下我遇到此错误的情形,我是在traning自己的数据时,traning时执行的这个命令: python tensorflow/examples/speech_commands/train.py \ --data_url= \ --data_dir=.


} proxyData(key){ . } observer(data){ .push(new Watcher(node,this,attrVal,'innerHTML')) node.removeAttribute('v-html') } 上面这个首先判断node节点上是否有v-html这种指令,如果存在的话,我们就发布订阅,怎么发布订阅呢?只需要把当前需要订阅的数据push到watcherTask里面,然后到时候在设置值的时候就可以批量更新了,实现双向数据绑定,也就是下面的操作 that.watcherTask[key]. this.value = value; this.type = type;


} } 效果是实现了,但是我在尝试在执行函数里console.log(this),结果发现this指向的是window,而且还发现我们不能传递参数,下面就来改进一下 v2 第一次触发函数,接收参数 function throttle(fn,interval){ var timer, isFirst = true; if(timer){ clearTimeout(timer) timer = null } timer = setTimeout(() = { fn.apply(null,args) }, interval || 1000);

Fiori-like Prototype (SAP Fiori 2.0 App)

Fiori-like Prototype (SAP Fiori 2.0 App) OpenUI5 team have a new tutorial:SAP Fiori 2.0 App. In this tutorial, they showcase us how to structure our OpenUI5app by using the layout patterns that comply with the latestSAP Fioridesign guidelines. Now, let's have a look how it works: SAP Fiori 2.0 App Prototype resource can be found here: SAP Fiori 2.0 App. Showcase with ZFiori Studio. More information please have a nice check in OpenUI5 Community. See you next time, and have a great weekend.

2018-09-01Socialite Providers,支持微博、微信、QQ等

2018-09-01Socialite Providers,支持微博、微信、QQ等 Github地址 https://github.com/SocialiteProviders 微博第三方登录实现过程。 新浪微博(Weibo) 1、安装 // This assumes that you have composer installed globally composer require socialiteproviders/weibo 2、服务提供者(config\app.php) 'providers' = [`` // a whole bunch of providers // remove 'Laravel\Socialite\SocialiteServiceProvider', \SocialiteProviders\Manager\ServiceProvider::class, // add ]; echo $token;

笔若的诗©|穷人的北病南治(The poor are treated from the north

笔若的诗©|穷人的北病南治(The poor are treated from the north 文/笔若我从不怀疑这是春天的花朵从不怀疑这是致人死命的挟在腰间的雪白的波涛我也惧怕众人所惧怕的黎明前的死亡我也守望众人所守望的神赐予的麦子我的病症和疼痛它们塑造的人格,你不知道所有的,你们都不知道我回到南方的道场里去许多刚出生的婴儿在无情的发育许多将被揭示的理想者在白色的医院里治