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(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A One day a year ago I accidentally left my wallet in home and went out. All I found in my bag were keys and mobile phone. At that moment I thought :“Oh my god I'm screwed,what should I do ?”But Then I ride a mobike to a near shopping mall ,bought a beautiful skirt . Obviously, cash is falling out of fashion. So will it disappear forever? I guess not. Cash may become less popular, but it will remain with us forever. Why?

Android Studio配置freeline遇到的问题

Your local freeline version 0.8.3 is lower than the lastest release version 0. initFreeline -PfreelineVersion=0.8.3` 意思是配置的版本低于最新版本,需要在执行initFreeline命令时加上参数-PfreelineVersion=0.8.3。 在AS的Terminal中执行: gradlew initFreeline -PfreelineVersion=0.8.3 一分钟之内BUILD SUDDESSFUL! 运行Freeline需要python,在windows下安装python后,需要配置python系统环境变量。注意,python的版本必须低于3.

Presentation skills

Presentation skills There are four useful tips that we could use when we begin to prepare a presentation. A good understand of your audience may help your to choose the right content to deliver, which means you should report what them need or they want rather than what you know. However, you need to find a nice balance between images and words. Another thing we should pay attention to is that we should rehearse many times before the presentation day. Following are the suggestions.


摆好pose玩自拍,换个姿势写文案 几个自拍的好POSE 说起拍照,不论是用什么设备傻瓜相机、数码相机、单反相机还是现在更流行的手机自拍,除了与拍照的技术有关,拍照还需要摆好pose

libcloud 文档阅读

libcloud 文档阅读 [ldl](member:ldl): From doc: https://developer.openstack.org/firstapp-libcloud/introduction.html [03:08am] [ldl](member:ldl): It is easy to split out services into multiple instances. We will create a controller instance called app-controller, which hosts the API, database, and messaging services. We will also create a worker instance called app-worker-1, which just generates fractals. [03:08am] [ldl](member:ldl): what's the meaning of fractal?

android 中使用ImageGetter在TextView中显示网络图片

int readNum = 0; //再一次赋值给Textview tvJobDes.setText(Html.fromHtml(mFvalue, imageGetter, null)); } } } /** * 获取apk放置的地址 * * @return */ public static String getApkPath() { String apkPath = getCacheDir() + File.separator + APK_NAME; } /** * 媒体扫描,防止下载后在sdcard中获取不到歌曲的信息 * * @param path */ public static void mp3Scanner(String path) { MediaScannerConnection.scanFile(mContext.getApplicationContext(), new String[]{path}, null, null);

Software AG CTO: diving deep into digital architec

The end-to-end process logic and APIs used to communicate through these services must rest upon a platform to be able to operate business logic through these services,” said Jost. As we further build composite applications we will similarly need API mediation tools to integrate deeper level logic to upper level APIs. Looking ahead, Software AG’s Jost insists that API management is not about to replace integration technology any time soon.

Huawei coins 'boundless computing'.

Huawei coins 'boundless computing'. 姓名:阿莫瑞(留学生) 学号:14020116084 【嵌牛导读】:During a breakout session at its Connect 2017 conference and exhibition, Chinese telecommunications company staged a session designed to examine the concept of what the company has called ‘boundless computing’. 【嵌牛鼻子】: boundless computing, 【嵌牛提问】:What is boundless computing?

Huawei Connect 华为全联接大会 2017, 'applied' AI is key f

Grow with the cloud Under a tagline banner of ‘grow with the cloud’ Huawei rotating CEO Guo Ping has explained that what this really means is the application of cloud computing inside more devices, more applications and more business scenarios. “We then move to a point where AI becomes more ubiquitous inside organisations and then becomes used in scenario specific business solutions.”Traffic management Intelligent traffic management is key to Huawei’s work in smart cities.

Huawei & Microsoft

Microsoft 姓名:阿莫瑞(留学生) 学号:14020116084 【嵌牛导读】:Chinese cloud and networking company Huawei and Microsoft have signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cloud services in an attempt to provide a new layer of compatibility and service interoperability between the firm’s technology stacks. 【嵌牛鼻子】: Huawei, Microsoft, 【嵌牛提问】:What we can expect from this partnership?

Google announces Android Oreo

Google announces Android Oreo 姓名:阿莫瑞(留学生) 学号:14020116084 【嵌牛导读】:Google announcesAndroid Oreowith refined notifications, better battery life, updated emojis and ‘the biggest change to the foundations of Android to date’. Picture-in-picture: continue watching a YouTube video while checking email, or check your calendar while on a video chat. Google’s own pixel phone is one of a handful of devices that are ready to roll with Oreo right now.


《破茧成蝶》读书笔记⑩:设计师的自我修养 前文:《破茧成蝶》读书笔记⑨:成果检验 十五、设计师的自我修养 15.1 好的设计师 好设计师:对设计充满兴趣和激情、有天分、执行力强、情商高、超出预期、有条理、有上进心、眼界开阔、知识面广、乐于分享 糟糕的设计师:缺乏兴趣、不用心、心态不好、顽固任性、不会合理安排时间、时间估算不准、不会恰当表现、过

【Need 书爸】最常用英语口语1000句●生病、受伤时

I sprained it playing golf. I twisted my ankle. Well, I can call for help. I caught a cold from you. 你把感冒传染给我了. I must stay in bed.我必须静养休息 I have stiff shoulders.我肩膀酸痛 My shoulders are stiff. My eyes are tired.我眼睛发酸 Is somebody hurt? I've got a cut here.我这儿割破了 It hurts.好疼 I got stung by a bee.我被蜜蜂蜇了 Do I need an operation?你发烧吗? I don't know. I don't have a thermometer. Do you have a high temperature?


49分鬼、汇率鬼、拖延鬼、单身鬼……ACCA才是见鬼的地方好嘛 本文来源泽稷网校【微信公众号:泽稷ACCA考友论坛、ACCA学习号】ID:zejiacca,需要ACCA全套备考资料的可关注一下,免费赠送的。内有ACCAF1—P7全套通关资料+学霸考经+考试资讯+财会书籍+英语学习资源+中英文简历模板,还能加入ACCA14门全科考试答疑互助QQ群(197235470/551426317),全球ACCAer前辈们帮你免费答疑。 其实啊,

Python数据科学(三)- python与数据科学应用

Python数据科学(三)- python与数据科学应用 承接Python数据科学(二)- python与数据科学应用 1.使用Python计算文章中的字 speech_text = ''' I love you,Not for what you are,But for what I amWhen I am with you.I love you,Not only for whatYou have made of yourself,But for whatYou are making of me.I love youFor the part of meThat you bring out;

What Do You Do When Programming Sucks

What Do You Do When Programming Sucks 何宏伟 [嵌牛导读] Programming 编程,编-绞丝旁,如丝线缠绕,本就错综复杂;程,过程,不可一蹴而就。 对于编程每个人都有自己的理解,各有不同。编程之路,总会遇到许多敌人,不过我相信大家都和它交过手,真可谓: 种类繁多,原因奇葩,从细微处到整体架构,无处不相逢 相信大家都遇到过不少棘手的bug,不是说这些问题有多么难(毕竟最

CSS基础篇 - 如何将文字对齐

这可怎么办;难道 还能根据字体的样式进行变化不成; 恩,你想的没错,字体在创建的时候,开发者就已经规定好相关的参数了,看来得换一种方法解决这个问题; 这时候你想到text-align="justify"这个属性,当元素多行时,会对文字进行内容适应;但是我们这就只有一行文字,那我们就使用伪元素创建一个; span::after{ content: '', display:inline-block, width:100%; height: 20px;

Google launches open source project 'umbrella' web

Google launches open source project 'umbrella' web 姓名:阿莫瑞(留学生) 学号:14020116084 【嵌牛导读】:The logically namedopensource.google.comwill serve as a showcase, an information hub and a directory of sorts — rather than it existing as source code repository in its own right. 【嵌牛鼻子】:Umbrella, open source 【嵌牛提问】:Umbrella, what's that?

Hitachi Vantara launches Pentaho 8.0 into global d

Hitachi Vantara launches Pentaho 8.0 into global d 姓名:阿莫瑞(留学生) 学号:14020116084 【嵌牛导读】:Thisdata integration and analyticsplatform software is now enhanced with support for Spark and Kafka to improve data and stream processing. Hitachi Vantara also points out product enhancements to Pentaho which see it up its ability to match compute resources with business demands, in real time.