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2 or more policies but less than 5 policies. Assuming that there are 5 working days per week, what is the probability that in a given day he will sell one policy?A:Mean=310^910^-9=3 (2) Generating random sequence fragments are necessary steps for second-generation sequencing. Suppose the average length of randomly generated fragments is 500bp, if we have a cDNA of 1.5kb and repeat the random fragmentation 200 times, how many times will we see two fragments at each step?, n spiders?


python技巧分享(十三) 这是一个系列文章,主要分享python的使用建议和技巧,每次分享3点,希望你能有所收获。 1 python2代码转换成python3代码 python2代码: #! $ python3 2to3_demo.py File "2to3_demo.py", line 6 print "Hello, {0}!format(name)) +print("What's your name?/usr/bin/env python ''' pylint demo code ''' import string SHIFT = 3 CHOICE = raw_input("would you like to encode or decode?


优雅简洁热辣男 亲爱的Ladys and 爷们们,非常抱歉,你被标题忽悠了,今天谈的还是Python,但内容绝对是干货。 霍金 霍金说:“Smart is new sexy”。 王格拉底说:“Python is hotty”。 Python is 优美,简洁,热辣的,那么会用Python的men就是“热辣男”。 如果你不想(让老公或儿子)成为中年猥琐油腻男,而是整洁优雅,热辣性感的hot shot,就赶快(让他)开始学习Python吧。 如何学习


百度网盘不限速下载,这波操作666 关于百度网盘不限速下载 papa 上次给大家推荐过用油猴脚本的方法,还安利大家多装些实用的脚本:百度云高速下载 VIP视频免费看 全能插件! 可是后台又有同学来问 papa,关于百度网盘下载的问题。原以为最近几天很火热的神器大家都知道了,papa 想着再推荐就是炒冷饭,就不说了,看来还是有同学不知情。那 papa 就安利给大家知名万能播


我新写了个开源项目AlphabetPy AlphabetPy Banner 项目地址 最近我在写一个命令行应用,首先我设计了一个Welcome界面,但是我思考如何在命令行中展示我的应用名字,就像这样 bilibili console 然而,我又不想自己去手打,怎么办呢?偶然发现了@starkwang的作品alphabetJS,发现十分好用,也生成了自己想要的文字,于是我就在想,能不能把他翻译成python呢?最后我真的做到了,alphabetPy就这

数据分析基础 — 2.2.2 5W2H分析法

确定合理吗? 3、WHEN(何时) 时间。 4、WHERE(何地) 地点。 5、WHO(何人) 人物。 6、HOW(怎么做) 具体干了什么?

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00:00:00 nginx: worker process root 8842 8840 0 10:12 ?/sbin/nginx -s reload -c conf/nginx-my.conf // 这时候 我们才能重新启动nginx 总结:nginx -s reload仅用于告诉正在运行的nginx进程重新加载其配置。在停止之后,您没有正在运行的nginx进程向其发送信号,所以才会出错,找不到这个nginx_my.pid中的PID。只需运行nginx(nginx -c / path / to / config /文件) ,才会产生进程号PID.

AngularJS 面试题(基础部分) only English

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework i.e. used to create single web page application. MVC Validations Modules Directives Templates Scope Expressions Data Binding Filters Services Routing Dependency Injection Testing 7) What are directives in AngularJS? There are many in-built directives in AngularJS such as "ng-app", "ng-model", "ng-controller", "ng-repeat" etc. Let's see a simple example of AngularJS directive. Scope is an object that represents application model.


8、Design Guidelines —— 国外设计规范的集合网站 官网:The way products are built. 9、Ant Design —— 蚂蚁金服 官网:A UI Design Language Ant Motion —— 蚂蚁金服 官网:Ant Motion - 一个 React 的动效设计解决方案 10、Ant Design Mobile —— 支付宝移动端组件库 官网:A Mobile Design Specification

2018-06-01 Android中出现Error:In <declare-styleabl

Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output.BUILD FAILEDTotal time: 6.456 secs(node:8404) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: cmd: Command failed with exit code 1 Error output:: Щ API: й, -Xlint:deprecation ±: Щ API: й, -Xlint:deprecation ±ERROR: InFontFamilyFont, unable to find attribute android:fontVariationSettingsERROR: In FontFamilyFont, unable to find attribute android:ttcIndex FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

Some conversation of sharing about the "User Story

Some conversation of sharing about the "User Story User stories are part of an agile approach that helps shift the focus from writing about requirements to talking about them. XP program is not only just a duo but also as resemble as software team management , let the client to be a member of writing, can improve the stories accuracy and well up to criterion that making ,many demand up to the user ,and down it into the note during very writing of stories. The benefit of business .


vue 文件中允许自定义节点,然后使用自定义的 loader 进行处理; 把 和 中的静态资源当作模块来对待,并使用 webpack loader 进行处理; 对每个组件模拟出 CSS 作用域; 支持开发期组件的热重载。 因此,在做vuejs项目时,webpack+vue-loader就组成了一个强大的workflow。


Git如何查看工作区状态和暂存区操作 首先在在工作区初始一个git仓库: git init 然后创建一个hi.txt文件,内容如下: hi 现在执行git status命令查看状态如下,其中#号开头的是我们加的注释,方便大家理解: #当前分支是master On branch masterInitial commit #未跟踪的文件(指的是没有执行git add添加的文件) Untracked files: (use "git add ."


【r -函数】do.call的使用 do.call这个函数是我在搜索问题时会看到别人经常使用的一个函数,心生好奇,这次来看看它的用法。 从文档来看,do.call可以通过名字构建和执行函数,并且将参数以列表的形式传入。 Description do.call constructs and executes a function call from a name or a function and a list of arguments to be passed to it. Usage do.call(what, args, quote = FALSE


He found that when the number of trials in a binomial distribution gets larger, the shape of binomial distribution approaches a smooth curve. pnorm.png R code: 1-pnorm(80,mean=70,sd=10) (2)What is the probability of having a weight 60kg? 55-65kg.png R code: pnorm(65,mean=70,sd=10)-pnorm(55,mean=70,sd=10) Example of a Normal Distribution A group of medical genetics students investigate some patients with gastric cancer by checking the expression of RUNX3 gene in their gastric cancer cells.

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A One day a year ago I accidentally left my wallet in home and went out. All I found in my bag were keys and mobile phone. At that moment I thought :“Oh my god I'm screwed,what should I do ?”But Then I ride a mobike to a near shopping mall ,bought a beautiful skirt . Obviously, cash is falling out of fashion. So will it disappear forever? I guess not. Cash may become less popular, but it will remain with us forever. Why?

Android Studio配置freeline遇到的问题

Your local freeline version 0.8.3 is lower than the lastest release version 0. initFreeline -PfreelineVersion=0.8.3` 意思是配置的版本低于最新版本,需要在执行initFreeline命令时加上参数-PfreelineVersion=0.8.3。 在AS的Terminal中执行: gradlew initFreeline -PfreelineVersion=0.8.3 一分钟之内BUILD SUDDESSFUL! 运行Freeline需要python,在windows下安装python后,需要配置python系统环境变量。注意,python的版本必须低于3.

Presentation skills

Presentation skills There are four useful tips that we could use when we begin to prepare a presentation. A good understand of your audience may help your to choose the right content to deliver, which means you should report what them need or they want rather than what you know. However, you need to find a nice balance between images and words. Another thing we should pay attention to is that we should rehearse many times before the presentation day. Following are the suggestions.


摆好pose玩自拍,换个姿势写文案 几个自拍的好POSE 说起拍照,不论是用什么设备傻瓜相机、数码相机、单反相机还是现在更流行的手机自拍,除了与拍照的技术有关,拍照还需要摆好pose