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安装glib依赖问题一例(libffi =3.0.0)(完结) 部署过程中遇到的各种操蛋问题不少,记录在此 在configure配置glib的时候,会有如下报错 [13:45:44]checking for LIBFFI... no [13:45:44]configure: error: Package requirements (libffi = 3.0.0) were not met: [13:45:44]No package 'libffi' found [13:45:44]Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you [13:45:44]installed software in a non-standard prefix. [13:45:44]Alternatively

mencached 1.4.25快速安装部署

mencached 1.4.25快速安装部署 1.下载相关安装包(menmcache安装包和依赖库的包) http://memcached.org/downloads http://libevent.org/ memcached-1.4.25.tar.gz libevent-2.0.21-stable.tar.gz 3、由于是源码安装,所以需要编译安装 解压 tar -xf memcached-1.4.25.tar.gz tar -xf libevent-2.0.21-stable.tar.gz 编译、安装 cd libevent-2.0.21-stable . /etc/rc.d/init.d/functions .


介绍一个小技巧,如何实现ssh免密登录 概述 首先,说实在的,这个已经被很多人说过了,但是,我是第一次用,没错,我就是这么out 操作 首先生成一个rsa秘钥ssh-keygen -t rsa 之后把这个秘钥拷贝到远程主机上,用下面这个命令就够了ssh-copy-id root@vultr.bboysoul.com ~ ssh-copy-id root@vultr.bboysoul.com /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: attempting to log in with the new key(s)

Variable Substitution

Variable Substitution :=Syntax # Substituted when defined but no-value. username="leon" echo "${username:+$LOGNAME}" This syntax has the opposite effect from the previous examples, because the alternative value will be substituted for the ${} expression if the variable is defined instead of undefined.Here, if the username variable is defined and not null, the value of LOGNAME will be used instead of username.

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A One day a year ago I accidentally left my wallet in home and went out. All I found in my bag were keys and mobile phone. At that moment I thought :“Oh my god I'm screwed,what should I do ?”But Then I ride a mobike to a near shopping mall ,bought a beautiful skirt . Obviously, cash is falling out of fashion. So will it disappear forever? I guess not. Cash may become less popular, but it will remain with us forever. Why?


一首 《I》歌词 撒下阳光的Sky 苍穹之下的孩子I 如梦般Fly My Life is a Beauty 如同经常听到的故事一般 丑小鸭和天鹅 还有飞翔之前的蝴蝶 人们不知道 他们看不到你的翅膀 你看到的世界 或许会有所残酷 But strong girl you know you were born to fly 你留下的泪水 你经历的苦难全部 都只是为了飞得更高 而做的准备Butterfly Everybody's gonna see it soon 撒下阳光的Sky 苍穹之下的孩子I 如梦般Fly My Life i

A Gog's Purpose

A Gog's Purpose 图片发自简书App 这周看的是《一条狗的使命》这本书,跟之前看的电影版感觉有点不一样。也许是因为才看几页,短时间并不能体会到那只狗在电影版中所经历的四生四世轮回转世之样,也不能体会到与主人间相依相守撕心裂肺之感。唯一带给我的是书对狗更细致的内心描述的体验以及刚出生狗的都会出现的贪玩顽皮画面的刻画。这本书读起来有点吃力,里面

「标题党」用英语到底怎么说? | 一周热词

「标题党」用英语到底怎么说? | 一周热词 现在「标题党」这个概念的出镜率是越来越高了, 如果你是UC一类平台的用户,那你的体会应该更深, 不过你知道「标题党」用英语到底怎么讲吗? 英语当中最接近这个概念的词应该是clickbait 它是click(点击)和bait(诱饵)的结合,顾名思义,就是“引诱你点击的东西”。 严格地讲,这个概念并不仅仅包含中文的「标题党」,它

我虔诚爱你 以灵魂骚动你

我虔诚爱你 以灵魂骚动你 爱是一句真心的问候、上班前的拥抱、一起哼唱我们喜欢的同一首歌,每个人都能与它产生连结,爱无所不在,爱最美好的地方就在于即使只是生活中的某件小事,都让你幸福。 开始于初见那时的怦然心动, 成长于彼此陪伴的柴米油盐, 收获于依然坚守的白首不弃, 这是我认为爱情最美的样子。 七夕来临,用浪漫、走心的英文句子来撩ta吧!当然

【Fast ATAC protocol】减少线粒体DNA干扰(wet-2)

G9441, Promega) was added to the cells, and the pellet was disrupted by pipetting. Transposition reactions were incubated at 37 °C for 30 min in an Eppendorf ThermoMixer with agitation at 300 rpm. Transposed DNA was purified using a QIAGEN MinElute Reaction Cleanup kit (28204), and purified DNA was eluted in 10 μl of elution buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8). Transposed fragments were amplified and purified as described previously48 with modified primers23 .


同时在项目的根目录下会多出一个文件:webpack.config.js,里面的内容就是当前项目的webpack配置 更新新增加的包 npm install npm start # 就可以使用webpack-dev-server启动项目 如果有报错,就看下这里:https://github.com/angular/an... 我只碰到提示说,package.json文件内容必须包含pree2e 天之骄子 2017.8.14 星期一 深圳


如何把本地的代码仓库同步到github上 利用github存放代码 流程 github建立仓库 - 本地完全编译 - 上传到github 操作步骤 在github上建议仓库 如果选择license的话,会在当前仓库里有一个LICENSE文件 本地操作 建立reposity mkdir helloworld cd helloworld git init 添加文件 git add * git commit -m "initial version" 为本地仓库添加名为origin的远程版本库 git remote add origin git@github.com:zhuzhzh/helloworld.git 合并远程


git错误总结 错误一 Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do ! [rejected] master - master (fetch first) error: failed to push some refs to 'https://github.com/icessun/baiduWebShool.git' hint: Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do hint: not have locally. This is usually caused by another repository pushing hint: to the same ref. You may want to first integrate the remote changes hint: (e.g., 'git pull .'

笨笨高中英语 之一

笨笨高中英语 之一 改错 last Saturday I took a part in a volunteer activity which was organized by the students’ union of our school. My classmates and I took a bus and go to the Animal Rescue Center in our city, which there are many homeless dogs and cats. As soon as i arrived

The Summer Travel (6)—The End

I just hoped he could get better the next morning, although I couldn't sleep well hearing his abnormal breath and feeling his high temperature at night. So Wanda Intercontinental became the most expensive hotel we had experienced. 发着烧也要看这本贵得吓人的菜单 Owing to my son's unreceded fever, we decided to go home directly after the reunion with the two friends at noon so that he could stop suffering the discomfort from the long travel .


* * @return Returns the same FragmentTransaction instance. */ public abstract FragmentTransaction replace(@IdRes int containerViewId, Fragment fragment, @Nullable String tag); 加到堆栈,要用的时候直接取出来,那么如果replace加上这个就和show与hide有的一拼了。 这样封装一下fragment切换器效果就好多了 public void fragmentReplace(int target, Fragment toFragment, boolean backStack) { FragmentManager manager = getSupportFragmentManager();

The Summer Travel (2)

The Summer Travel (2) July 19 the lucky boy his grandma Today we left that seemingly extraordinary hotel, but we were still attracted by another tourist site, Jiuhua Mountain Amusement Park. After a short break, we set off, this time to Huludao, another city in Liaoning, which is not far from Jinzhou. This time, he learned that sand cannot be eaten! Near the seaside, we entered a small restaurant where we had a delicious meal, including dumplings, crabs, shrimps and sorghum grain porridge.

The Summer Travel (1)

The Summer Travel (1) July 16-18 First, we went nearly 800 km to Fuxin, Liaoning, where we visited two elderly relatives on my mother's side. The hotel hall on the second floor was so splendid that my son began yelling and running around the moment he entered it. And I could see many tourists who wore swimsuits climbing up the stairs from underground, which indicated that the springs and the amusement center were on the first floor. What an experience it is for me to fall!

The Summer Travel (3)

The Summer Travel (3) July 20 We got up early as usual at 7 o'clock. Later we rested by one side of the plank road, sitting directly on the wooden parts. One should know that in our hometown in Hebei province, it's always hot and without any cool wind at this time. Poor Daddy! When we reached The Shanhaiguan Resort, it's already late for us to enjoy the view within, so we checked in at a hotel nearby. The grandpa told us in a pitiful voice that the boy's mother had run away.