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Given all the support by both JetBrains and Google, and the almost universal love that Kotlin receives in the developer community, we are sure that the language is not going anywhere. The main question is: will it manage to seriously break into the communities outside of Android? JetBrains is heavily pushing the multi-platform dream, but will it see sufficient adoption in the following months and years?


, 100 plt.xlabel("Decile") plt.ylabel("# of Students") plt.title("Distribution of Exam 1 Grades") plt.show() def make_chart_misleading_y_axis(mislead=True): mentions = [500, 505] years = [2013, 2014] plt.bar([2012.6, 2013.6], mentions, 0.8) plt.xticks(years) plt.ylabel("# of times I heard someone say 'data science'") # if you don't do this, matplotlib will label the x-axis 0, 1 # and then add a +2.013e3 off in the corner (bad matplotlib!

如何使用 Laravel Collections 类编写神级代码

}) - firstWhere('years', ' =', '5'); 我们将代码简化到了之前的一般左右,每一步过滤处理清晰明了,并且我们不需要引入临时变量。 遗憾的是目前集合还不支持正则匹配,所以我们使用 map 方法,不过我们可以为这个功能创建一个宏: Collection::macro('whereRegex', function($expression, $field) { return $this- map(function ($item) use ($expression, $field) { return preg_match($expression, $item[$field]);


机器学习特征工程3-自动特征构造(FeatureTools) FeatureTools 介绍 Featuretools是一个执行自动特征工程的框架。它擅长于为深度学习把互相关联的数据集转换为特征矩阵。我们可以将特征构造的操作分为两类:「转换」和「聚合」。我们通过下面的例子来了解FeatureTools使用方法。 代码示例地址:https://github.com/scottlinlin/auto_feature_demo.git 安装 pip install featuretools 快速入门 1、导入feauret

PHP 根据身份证号码,获取性别、获取生日、计算年龄、获取地址、获取生肖、获取星座、以及判断是否是身

PHP 根据身份证号码,获取性别、获取生日、计算年龄、获取地址、获取生肖、获取星座、以及判断是否是身 1、PHP根据身份证号码,获取性别。 2、PHP根据身份证号码,获取生日。 3、PHP根据身份证号码,计算年龄。 4、PHP根据身份证号码,获取地址。 5、PHP判断字符串,是不是身份证号码。 6、PHP根据身份证号码,获取生肖。 7、PHP根据身份证号码,获取星座。 ? return $year .


更多用法More: ================================================== 1.设置其他属性 NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];//设置默认日期 self.datePicker.minimumDate = minDate;//设置主色 [self.datePicker setHighlightColor:[UIColor yellowColor]];//设置高亮颜色 2.相关代理 @protocol HooDatePickerDelegate @optional - (void)datePicker:(HooDatePicker *)datePicker dateDidChange:(NSDate *)date;


' # 匹配职位详情地址和职位名称 ' .) ', re.S) # 匹配月薪 # 匹配所有符合条件的内容 items = re.findall(pattern, html) 2、求工资平均值 工资有两种形式xxxx-yyyy或者面议,此处取第一种形式的平均值作为分析标准,虽有偏差但是也差不多,这是求职中最重要的一项指标。 for item in items: salary_avarage = 0 temp = item[3] if temp !get_text() # 最低学历 education = lis[5].


0版本,除了优化了原来的可视化效果,还增加了WebGL 扩展。 让我们为GL窒息。 GL示例 题外话2 还记得淘宝双11的可视化吗?第一次看到的时候,确实很惊艳。 DataV DataV 是阿里云出品的拖拽式可视化工具,专精于业务数据与地理信息融合的大数据可视化。当然,按照阿里的尿性,怎么会给你吃免费的午餐呢,每个月5元,基础版你懂的。


可扩展、模块化CSS--基础样式规则(翻译文) SMACSS is becoming one of the most useful contributions to front-end discussions in years 基础样式规则是被应用到元素选择器、派生选择器、子选择器或者伪类,并不包括class和ID选择器。这些样式一般是默认的样式并且被引用到整个项目。 基础样式 body, form { margin: 0; } a { color: #039;

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A One day a year ago I accidentally left my wallet in home and went out. All I found in my bag were keys and mobile phone. At that moment I thought :“Oh my god I'm screwed,what should I do ?”But Then I ride a mobike to a near shopping mall ,bought a beautiful skirt . Obviously, cash is falling out of fashion. So will it disappear forever? I guess not. Cash may become less popular, but it will remain with us forever. Why?

Chinese IT giants flexing cloud muscle in APAC

Chinese IT giants flexing cloud muscle in APAC 姓名:阿莫瑞(留学生) 学号:14020116084 【嵌牛导读】:In Southeast Asia, Huawei and Alibaba are already household names to those who have either bought something online fromAlibaba-owned Lazadaor used Huawei’sLeica-branded P10 smartphonesto take snapshots. Lesser known to enterprises areHuawei’s cloud services, which are just starting to take shape.

Using ransack and delegate in Rails

Using ransack and delegate in Rails Personal page I have used Rails to develop web project for two years, But it's the first time to use ransack, a Gem base on Object searing. To filter true state detection_report cars fronted-end just needs passing params[:query][:qiyuan_detection_report_state_eq] = verified key value to Car#index action and backend also simple too: car_relation_object.ransack(params[:query]).result finally is our rspec code fragment.

外刊阅读-纽约时报-10年了,我为什么仍然爱iPhone part1

外刊阅读-纽约时报-10年了,我为什么仍然爱iPhone part1 Dear iPhone: Here’s Why We’re Still Together After 10 Years 10年了,我为什么仍然爱iPhone Dear iPhone: It’s hard to believe we’re still together after 10 years, which is eons in the tech industry. 亲爱的iPhone:我们在一起已经十年了,真是不可思议,这在技术产业是很长的一段时间。 1. eons n.万古;永世(eon的复数) What’s the glue that keeps us together?


带你抓取并分析知乎高评分电影 感谢关注天善智能,走好数据之路↑↑↑ 欢迎关注天善智能,我们是专注于商业智能BI,大数据,数据分析领域的垂直社区,学习,问答、求职一站式搞定! 本文作者:天善智能社区专家 lsxxx2011 天善智能社区地址:https://www.hellobi.com/ 最近突然想看电影了,跑去电影天堂却不知道该看哪一步,很纠结呀,想来想去还是去知乎上搜搜高评分的电


call(yAxis); //添加x轴坐标轴 //x轴比例尺 let years = data[0]["value"].append("circle") .attr("cy", function(d){ return height - _yScale(d[1]) }) .axis path { display: none;tick text{ transform: rotate(-30deg); stroke-width: 2 } 实现的效果 添加锚点的折线图 生成区域 这里我们将学习一个新的生成器,区域生成器 首先我们先了解一下基本概念: 区域生成器主要是生成一块区域,类似于直线生成器。 其数据访问器有x().


人工智能资料库:第66辑(20170830) 1.【博客】Neural Nets for Generating Music 简介: Algorithmic music composition has developed a lot in the last few years, but the idea has a long history. In some sense, the first automatic music came from nature: Chinese windchimes, ancient Greek wind-powered Aeolian harps, or the Japanese water instrument suikinkutsu. But in the 1700s music became “algorithmic”: Musikalisches Würfelspiel


我知道,远方有一盏灯 正悄悄在你梦里映照出我的样子 只是不知,是微露白发的中年 还是懵懂无知轻狂岁月的我 或者是当年王府井大街一个人北漂的青涩 . 隆福寺或者西单,潘家园里匆忙的行人 不知是命运不曾眷顾还是擦肩而过的匆匆 我不曾捡漏你的青春 正如,你未曾在拥挤的302路公交车 不期而遇我的肩膀 . 2016 - 11 - 12 in YingShang, Anhui province