大师网-带你快速走向大师之路 解决你在学习过程中的疑惑,带你快速进入大师之门。节省时间,提升效率

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A

(11.11特供)Mobile Payment VS Cash:Are We Creating A One day a year ago I accidentally left my wallet in home and went out. All I found in my bag were keys and mobile phone. At that moment I thought :“Oh my god I'm screwed,what should I do ?”But Then I ride a mobike to a near shopping mall ,bought a beautiful skirt . Obviously, cash is falling out of fashion. So will it disappear forever? I guess not. Cash may become less popular, but it will remain with us forever. Why?

每日科技英文15: vscode 特点

每日科技英文15: vscode 特点 Meet IntelliSense Go beyond(超越) syntax highlighting(语法高亮) and autocomplete(自动完成) with IntelliSense(使用智能感知), which provides smart completions based on (基于)variable types(变量类型), function definitions(函数定义), and imported modules(导入的模块). Extensible(可扩展性) and customizable(可定制性). Want even more features?的等具有被动含义的表示。 11.11首批到货: 图片发自简书App


strip这个函数去掉换行符,来对username进行匹配。 sys.exit('用户已经被锁定!') if len(username)==0: #提示用户登录时,用户名不能为空! print('用户名不能为空,请重新输入') continue password= raw_input('请输入您的密码:') #引导用户输入密码 with file(account_file,'r') as account_f: flag= False for line in account_f.readlines(): user,pawd=line.strip().


python语法-文件和异常 一、从文件中读取数据: 文本文件可以存储数据:天气数据、交通数据、社会经济数据、文学作品等。 1,读取整个文件: with open('pi_digits.txt') as file_object: contents = file_object.read() print(contents) 2,文件路径: 相对路径:当前py存储路径下 图片.") else: print("Your birthday does not appears in the first million digits of pi!


这里是给变量a赋初值。 构造函数是一种特殊的函数,首先构造函数名与类名是完全一致的,其次构造函数没有类型。 构造函数可以不带参数,也可以带参数。 #include using namespace std; class Dog { public: string name; } void run() { cout name " is running..." endl; int main() { Dog dog1; dog1.name = "Wang Cai"; dog1.run(); Dog dog2("Xiao Bai"); dog2.run(); return 0; Wang Cai is running... Dog’s constructor with name!

TensorFlow从1到2 - 5 - 非专家莫入!TensorFlow实现CNN

y is a tensor of shape (N_examples, 10), with values equal to the logits of classifying the digit into one of 10 classes (the digits 0-9)./MNIST/', help='Directory for storing input data') FLAGS, unparsed = parser.parse_known_args() tf.app.run(main=main, argv=[sys.argv[0]] + unparsed) 下载tf_2-5_cnn.py 上一篇 4 - 深入拆解CNN架构 共享协议:署名-非商业性使用-禁止演绎(CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 CN) 转载请注明:作者黑猿大叔(简书)

Spark SQL on Yarn with Cluster mode Fails Load hiv

Spark SQL on Yarn with Cluster mode Fails Load hiv 问题描述 运行spark sql on yarn的时候发现yarn client模式跑的好好的程序,换成yarn cluster模式就不正确了,原因是hive-site.xml这文件没有被加载到Driver(也就是这时候的ApplicationMaster)的classpath里面去,貌似是直接连接了一个默认的am-container本地metastore。 看下官方文档appName("Show Hive Tables") .foreach { envKey = sys.env.get(envKey).

Swift 计算文本的size

Swift 计算文本的size iOS 11之前限制宽高计算字符串的size用的是UILabel的textRect(forBounds bounds: CGRect, limitedToNumberOfLines numberOfLines: Int) - CGRect方法,当时也没考虑线程安全问题(low爆了),Xcode也没提示,用了好几个版本,所幸一直都没问题。 贴下方法(当时为什么选这个方法就不解释了): func textSize(font: UIFont, constrainedSize: CGSize, lineSpacing: CGFloat?

October 2017

October 2017 For ideal conditions and the clearest views in northern China, autumns are the best seasons to go, October specifically. Personally, I believe that the most beautiful fashion always comes from nature. In term of color, a ginger oversize sweater with jeans, like autumn leaves with blue sky, a embroidered dress with army green coat, like a velvet lawn full of flowers.The famous Chinese fashion designer MaKe once said, clothing show the characteristics and inner differences of people.

React Error: Failed at the xxx@0.1.0 start script

React Error: Failed at the xxx@0.1.0 start script 错误细节 npm ERR! node v6.7.0 npm ERR! UpScore@0.6.0 start: `react-scripts start` npm ERR! spawn ENOENT npm ERR! npm bugs UpScore npm ERR! There is likely additional logging output above. Solution 应该就是react-scripts没有安装成global的 解决方式很简单: npm install -g npm@latest to update npm because it is sometimes buggy. rm -rf node_modules to remove the existing modules. npm install to re-install the project dependencies.

每日科技英文11: vscode简介

It comes with built-in support for(内置了对. Visual Studio Code is an editor first and foremost(一个常用的表达方式, first and foremost表示第一流的,后置定语,修饰前面的editor) and includes the features (后面是定语从句,修饰features/特色/特点,省略了that) you need(因为被修饰的词是复数,所以need不能用needs这种单数形式) for highly productive(高产) source code editing(源码编辑). 而includes the features you need for .


kotlin学习笔记(二) 习惯用语 这里是一些在 Kotlin 中经常使用的习语。如果你有特别喜欢的习语想要贡献出来,赶快发起 pull request 吧。 创建DTOs(POJOs/POCOs) 数据类 dataclassCustomer(valname:String,valemail:String) 给 Customer 类提供如下方法: --为所有属性添加 getters ,如果为 var 类型同时添加 setters --equals()--haseCode()--toString()--copy()--component1(),component1(), .:throwIllegalStateException("Email is missing!

libcloud 文档阅读

libcloud 文档阅读 [ldl](member:ldl): From doc: https://developer.openstack.org/firstapp-libcloud/introduction.html [03:08am] [ldl](member:ldl): It is easy to split out services into multiple instances. We will create a controller instance called app-controller, which hosts the API, database, and messaging services. We will also create a worker instance called app-worker-1, which just generates fractals. [03:08am] [ldl](member:ldl): what's the meaning of fractal?


「你拍我画」人物类|诗°愿时光驻足 图|古月2017-10-23 投稿「你拍我画」---活动链接 文/译|古月 (译文点睛之句“May good time stands with you”感谢翻译专栏签约作者梅姐姐的指点 @梅花三弄) 愿时光驻足 在你清澈的眼眸 也曾稚热的灵魂 须臾佝偻沉浊 愿时光驻足 在你真切的脸庞 也有六月的璀璨 恍惚惺忪离散 愿时光驻足 当与你擦肩一瞬 愿以十月的蓝天,无垠的星际 将你祝

iOS Swift 读取本地json文件

) // 带throws的方法需要抛异常 do { /* * try 和 try! 发生异常程序会直接crash */ let data = try Data(contentsOf: url) let jsonData:Any = try JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data, options: JSONSerialization.ReadingOptions.mutableContainers) let jsonArr = jsonData as! NSArray for dict in jsonArr { print(dict) } } catch let error as Error!

(iOS, Swift)十六进制转Data,十六进制转整形,Data转String

(iOS, Swift)十六进制转Data,十六进制转整形,Data转String Swift 整型转 Data: 接口 /// Initialize a `Data` with the contents of an Array. /// /// - parameter bytes: An array of bytes to copy. public init(bytes: [UInt8]) 使用 let data = Data(bytes: [11, 011

Docker 数据库应用之 Oracle XE

Docker 数据库应用之 Oracle XE Oracle快捷版(Oracle XE)是一款基于 Oracle 11g 第2版代码库的小型入门级数据库,它具有以下优点: 免费开发、部署和分发。 下载速度快。 管理简单。 作为一款优秀的入门级数据库,它适合以下用户使用: 致力于PHP、Java、.NET、XML和开源应用程序的开发人员。 需要免费的入门级数据库进行培训和部署的DBA。 需要入门级数据库进行免费分发的独立软

Mac 下使用 Homebrew 安装 Opencv, 并支持 Python

Mac 下使用 Homebrew 安装 Opencv, 并支持 Python 安装 OpenCV win 下配置 OpenCV 曾经是笔者的噩梦, 还好 Mac 下有 Homebrew. 编辑 ~/.bashrc 或 ~/. 但是笔者还是遇到了找不到 cv2 module 的问题, 解决方法如下, 在初始化脚本中加入如下语句: export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH 参考链接 stilist/gist:cd7fdfabbf9ec5ed89b7 Installing OpenCV 2.4.8 on Mac OSX with Python Support